This is not an order to kill but to thank you for doing us the best holiday ever. Right now we are sitting on the balcony of Suites of the Gods on Santorini drinking our free bottle of wine. Everything has been very nice thank you. I will do something on TripAdvisor for you.

Thank you

Betty F. & George D.

——– * ——–

Buenas tardes Dn. Makis Tsoukalas.
Mi nombre es Santiago, soy de Pamplona y estuve hace unos pocos días con mi mujer negociando un viaje de cuatro días al Peloponeso y Meteora, ¿se acuerda?.
Estábamos alojados en el Hotel Achillion, en C/ Agiou Konstantinou, o algo parecido.
La razón de escribirle es para decirle que el viaje fue magnífico y que estuvimos felices de la vida.
Eramos 12 personas, algo muy positivo.
Quiero hacer hincapié en Taxo,-extraordinario conductor-, y en Matina una guía rocera y muy preparada. Magníficos las dos personas.
Lo dicho, muchísimas gracias y recomendable en todos los sentidos.
Un abrazo.

——– * ——–

I just want to say that I was very happy on my vacations and all the thanks to Mr. Makis who was company representative for my trip and have to say he did a great job of organizing my trip. Everything was as planed and I am very pleased with service.

Best regards,
Dubravko G.

——– * ——–

Dear Mister Makis and staff

We were very delighted for the recent trip (23 to 29 September) that you have organized, from Athens to Santorini, Naxos, Mykonos and back to our Astor Hotel. Thank you very much!

All has gone very well and everything has been very amazing and well managed: just a funny side of a situation, when in Santorini the driver left without us (probably given the crowded zone!), but another driver managed to phone the former and carried us (without additional payment) to our bus.

We enjoyed very much visiting the islands you have proposed in your packaging offer. And we surely shall return in Greece, bearing in mind your office in Athens (and also displaying an enthousiastic advertising to our Italian friends).

With our best regards and appreciations for the “Hellenike Philoxenìa” and a special thank and warmly salutation to the driver, Mister Christos

sincerely, antìo!

Andrea P. and Francesca T.

——– * ——–


We want to first thank you for organizing our trip.

We had fun on Santorini. View from hotel was amazing. Hotel was quaint. We are on Naxos now, we really like it there. Santorini was too busy for us quiet Canadians.

The laundry in Santorini misplaced one of my clothes and they are going to ship it to the Diamond Hotel. Was wondering if you can call the hotel and explain, so they will hold it for me? We will be there on Oct 1.

Thank you for so far, our trip has been has been easy and comfortable.


Cheryl B. and Diana M. your friendly Canadians

——– * ——–

Salve, siamo i sig MATRONE  di NAPOLI ( tour  naxos-ios-santorini   DAL 2/9 AL 6/9).

Vi volevamo ringraziare di tutto, tutto è andato benissimo. la sig.ra NICOLETTA

è  stata  eccellente, anche a IOS è andato tutto bene. Perfetto.

A Santorini le cose sono andate diversamente,  ci è stata portata il primo giorno una colazione a sacco fredda mancante di acqua e latte, il referente ci diceva che dovevamo procurarlo noi, il giorno successivo non l’ha portata proprio perchè ha detto che alle otto tutto era chiuso.

In casa c’erano solo liquori e la mattina successiva non c’era neanche l’acqua per lavarsi.

la casa era bellissima, ma questo comportamento ci ha lasciato molto delusi.

E’ giusto che voi siate a conoscenza di questo.

Cordiali saluti

Raffaele M.

——– * ——–


The 12th of august we came to visit your travel agency, and organized a trip in the islands for us.

Now that we are back to Dubai, we wanted to thank you for the overall organization, the selection of islands, the timing in each one (except that 3 days in Naxos would have been enough and 1 more day in Mykonos. which is a detail), as well as the selection of hotel that was always in the perfect location and very good standard (except the one in Naxos that has very small rooms).

Because when we left your agency, we were skeptical and were not very confident of what we’ll get for the price. We wanted to assure you that we did not regret our decision, that we were happy with your service, and that we’ll recommend your travel agency to any one who will ask us.

Thanks and best regards.

Michel G.

——– * ——–

Dear sirs:

Approx on May 14 we were at your Agency to obtain help for a tour to several of the Islands.

We were assisted by Mr Balaskas and, later, by Mr. Ahmed.

We would like to thank both of them; our tour was excellent, everything was on time, the hotels were adequate and we enjoyed the tour very much.

We are sure that your agency will prosper due to the attention you pay to help people like us.

Sincerely, Dr. Lilia A. A. and Dr. Marcela S.

——– * ——–

Hello, Mr. Michali,

Thank you so much for the unforgettable holiday,we are so grateful we met you and the rest of the family I wish all the best….my warm regards to Ms kiki, Mr. Fotis, Mr. Kosta and all.

You’re awesome, will send all my friends your way! Thank you so much!!

Lisa M. D.

——– * ——–

I am WATANABE, writing this mail from Japan.
My husband and I took the tour to Santorini island from ATHENS on 22nd to 24th of September.
Do you remember us?
We had a great time in Santorini as you told us.
We are sure that it was the best sunset in Oia we have ever seen before!!
We appreciate that you recommend the plan for us.
We will not forget this trip.
Thank you very much.
Please take good care of yourselves.
WATANABE from Japan.

——– * ——–


I just wanted to let you know my clients thought your guide was outstanding..Thank you very much for your assistance on this.


Lou C.

——– * ——–


I apologize for not knowing how to write in Greek.

We just wanted to say “thank you” for helping with our recent trip to Greece. You set up a trip out to Santorini and Mykonos back in June. We had a great time. Then, when we got back to Athens, you helped us find a hotel and set up a day trip to Corinth. We had a very enjoyable stay in your city while touring the beautiful ancient architecture.

The picture I’m sending is from the “Sunset” restaurant in Oia.

Thank you for your help!

-Kim and Chris S.

——– * ——–

Hi Nicholas,

Crete is a nice island.

We had a good time here. As you said, the weather is totally different from Athens.

We appreciate everything that you have done to us.

It is really a great thing to meet you.

Thank you my older brother for your generosity..

You are a perfect travel agent.

Hope to see you soon.

——– * ——-

Hi Nicholas..

Hope you are doing good there and that your conference went well earlier today 🙂

The attached file is just a photo of me and my husband in Mykonos.

We are glad to share with you partial of our happiness here while in Mykonos, definitely would not have been possible without your great help, and warmth gesture.

Definitely pleased with the room you had arranged for us, with that it made our 2dys stay more than just a pleasant one.

Thanks a lot.

We will definitely remember your great service 😀 😀 😀

Regards frm me & my husband.

——– * ——-

Hello everybody, How are you?

Here is Thiago Colombo B., from Brazil, i lost all the business card that i received during the trip, so i´m using this email address that I found in the web site.

I am writing you to say that i have a wonderful time, everything that you have scheduled for us worked perfectly!

It was wonderful!! You can use this email address to give reference to everyone.

Congratulations for the job!

Thiago Colombo B.

Estimado Nicholas;

——– * ——–

No se si me recordaras pero soy Antonio, estuvimos con mi Mujer Elina y otra pareja de Amigos en Grecia en Junio pasado y por medio de Tu Agencia nos organizaste las excursiones alli.

Simplemente para saludarte y agradecerte tu amabilidad para con Nostros,  te recordamos con placer y si alguna vez visitas Argentina espero estrecharte la mano nuevamente.

Auguro exitos para tu País en este momento tan delicado, tal como estuvimoa aqui en Argentina,  mal economicamente años pasados;  aguanten!! que son un Pueblo inteligente y capaz para pasar el momento.

Un Abrazo


——– * ——–

Hello Nicholas,

Thank you for all your assistance during our recent vacation in Greece. The service you and your agency provided was excellent and your support when we were stranded by the strike was much appreciated.

When we return to Greece, we will contact you again.

Adele D.