Passepartout tours – cruises specializes in high-quality, tailor-made trips to selected areas of Greece and Turkey. We are based in Athens – Greece, although our guests come from around the world.

Passepartout tours – cruises, aims to offer consistently exceptional service and solid, accurate advice. A dynamic company, it is founded on years of experience, travel to various destinations, a sound knowledge of the supply chain and numerous lessons learned about the pitfalls and speed bumps awaiting the uninformed traveler.

Passepartout tours – cruises, offers a wide range of services including special interest groups, honeymoon destinations and family holidays. We strive to tailor-make that once in a lifetime itinerary to ensure that all your dreams come true.

Buying a trip, which is sold on one invoice, from one fully-bonded tour operator, like Passepartout tours – cruises, is the best way of protecting yourself against the unexpected.

Travel companies, including airlines, often go out of business. If you book something other than the full package, then should one element be canceled you will be in a tricky situation – potentially substantially out of pocket, as one element of your trip fails, whilst you still have to pay in full for the other parts that you have booked.

For a guarantee of 100% financial protection – you need to book your whole trip with one fully-bonded tour operator, like Passepartout tours – cruises.

Ensures that each holiday experience starts and ends with excellent service and is grounded in sound, reliable knowledge.

Passepartout tours – cruises, aims to establish a recognizable brand worldwide that offers excellent service and unique, exciting products and itineraries. We strive to create and share Passepartout moments with each of our clients and create holidays worth writing home about.